Welcome to Bayswater North Primary School

Welcome to Bayswater North Primary School’s website. We trust that you will find this site useful and informative. It is a window into our school and will give you access to various school documents as well as provide information about what is happening around our school. It will allow you to see examples of some of our children’s work and provides you with a direct e-mail link to our school.

Welcome to Bayswater North Primary School

Stuart Street, Bayswater North | VIC | 3153
TEL: (03) 9729 1744
FAX: (03) 9720 5593
Email Us: bayswater.north.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Bayswater North Primary School

Latest News

Beyblade Craze has hit BNPS

The boys are spending their morning and afternoon recess time huddled together and battling each other with their Beyblades. Looks like great fun!

Scary Bear Indeed!

Check out the gorgeous pictures these two preps created in library today after listening about the antics of the Scary Bear.

What comes first the chicken or the egg?

Grade three students are learning all about the life cycle of a chicken. They enjoyed watching the eggs hatch and are now getting very clucky about the growing chicks.