Extension Programs


Our class teachers differentiate the curriculum to cater for all students and develop Individual Education Plans for those with additional needs. We also have a “user pays” extention program ‘WiseOnes ‘ which provides opplortunities for highly able and gifted children to participate in group programs that will challenge them intellectually anf help develop their individual talents.


Premiers’ Reading Challenge
The Premiers’ Reading Challenge is offered by the current and past Premiers of Victoria to all primary school students each year. During a set timeframe from February to August, students are challenged to read a minimum of 30 books (for students in Prep, Grade 1 and 2) and 15 books (Grade 3 – 6 students) from a nominated list of high quality titles.

Students may also select titles according to their own interests. Those students who successfully meet the challenge have their names published in The Age and The Herald Sun as well as receive a certificate of completion. All Bayswater North students are encouraged to participate in this challenge. In 2010, 442 students completed the challenge and have received certificates.