Health and Physical Education

Bayswater North has a comprehensive Physical Education program that aims to develop the students’ skills, fitness and knowledge. Areas covered throughout the year include athletics, cross country, basketball, fundamental motor skills, ball handling, major and minor games, swimming and water safety, fitness, interschool sports and bike education. All students receive one hour PE session per week and students in grade 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 have an extra hour of sport. Lessons are predominantly game sense based and have an emphasis upon teaching the correct technique, rules and developing knowledge, teamwork and leadership progressively from Prep through to Grade Six.



The athletics program for Grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 students culminates in the Ringwood District Athletics Carnival. The students have the opportunity to try out for a number of different events including triple jump, long jump, high jump, shot put, discus, hurdles and sprints during class time. A squad of students is selected for each track and field event from these trials. Training is also conducted during lunch times to compliment the work done in class. After the district carnival, students are given the opportunity to go on to Division, Regional and State level.

Prep to grade 2 students participate in modified athletic activities which focus on running technique and gross motor movements.


Fundamental Motor Skills

There are 11 Fundamental Motor Skills – catch, kick, run, vertical jump, overhand throw, bouncing, leap, dodge, punt kick, forehand strike and two hand strike. Fundamental Motor Skills (F.M.S) form the basis for the development of higher level sport specific skills- eg overarm throw -tennis serve or volleyball spike, baseball or cricket. Research has shown that it can take between 240 to 600 minutes of instruction to teach children to correctly perform a FMS.

Research has shown that students who do not develop the ability to perform FMS proficiently at a Primary level are less able or less willing to persist with the difficult task of learning more complex motor skills and will avoid activities which expose them to “public failure” Ultimately this can lead to students rejecting participation in sport and physical activity in secondary years and beyond. There is an emphasis upon the development of fitness and fundamental motor skills at Bayswater North, especially in the junior school, where students complete various units of work designed to specifically increase certain FMS.


Major Games

Students at Bayswater North Primary School have the opportunity to compete in a number of Major Game units during their class time throughout the year. Some of the more popular games that students have the opportunity to play are Indoor Soccer, Indoor Hockey, European Handball, Basketball and Bat Tennis.

These units are often taught using a format known as SEPEP, which stands for Sport Education in Physical Education Program. This format places the responsibility on learning and organisation on the students. Through teacher facilitation, students are taught how to organise, manage, referee and score their own sporting tournament, conducted in a round robin format.

We place a strong emphasis on leadership at Bayswater North and this is just one of the ways that the PE program helps to foster a culture of leadership at our school.


Bike Education

The bike education program is held over 2 week period in term 4 for Grade 4 students. The program is a skill based which focuses on riding skills as well as some basic road rules. Emphasis is placed upon skills such as scanning, looking over the correct shoulder when making turns, wearing helmets and correct signalling. The bike ed program is held in and around the school grounds. Intersections, roundabouts and driveway ride outs are simulated within the school grounds.

Interschool Sport

Students in grade 5 and 6 at Bayswater North have the special privilege of participating in the Summer and Winter Interschool Sports. The interschool sports format operates whereby we play a different school from our district each week, with some sports being played at home (at our grounds) and some played away (at the opposing school’s grounds).

Summer sports are played every Friday morning in term 1 with cricket, tee ball, basketball, bat tennis, rounders, volleystars and a specialist karate program being offered.

Winter sports take place every Friday afternoon of term 2 with football, netball, softball, hockey, volleyball, soccer and bat tennis being offered.

Division, Regional and State finals are then played during terms 3 and 4.



Cross country takes place in term 2 at Bayswater North and is integrated with a ‘Fun and Fitness’ unit that students complete during their PE lessons during this time. The culmination of this unit is the Ringwood District Cross Country day held at Domeney Reserve.

To prepare for this day and to compliment the work done in class there is also the Bayswater North Running Club, which meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On top of this, we also have our Bayswater North Fun Run which helps to raise money for the school and also lets the kids display their fantastic running skills.


Swimming and Water Safety

At Bayswater North we believe that all student s have the right not only to learn to swim but also to feel safe and confident around the water. It is for this reason that we offer an extensive 1 week swimming program for all of our students.

Our junior program runs in term 4 at the Vicki Field Swim School and our senior program runs at the start of term 1 at the Kilsyth Aquatic Centre.

Our senior students also have the opportunity to try out for the Bayswater North Swimming Team.

This team competes annually at the Ringwood District Swimming Carnival held at Tintern GG in term 1 each year.



There is a strong Basketball culture at Bayswater North Primary which has been further enhanced by our recently opened full size hall and basketball arena. We have had many of our teams reach state level competition in recent years and are very proud of our students’ achievements.

Term 3 is our main focus on Basketball with an extensive unit being held in PE classes.

For our juniors we have Knox Raiders clinics provided for all students in grade prep-2 while for our senior students in grades 3-6, we have the annual Hooptime Tournaments. These tournaments and clinics are again all complimented with lunch time trainings and round robin tournaments.