Visual Arts

Students at Bayswater North Primary participate in weekly Art sessions in our spacious and light filled Art Room, with Grade Three to Six students having one hour sessions and Grades Prep to Two participating in forty-five minute sessions. Students are always encouraged to use their imagination and explore various materials while enjoying the opportunity to improve their skills and techniques by participating in hands on activities that cover all areas of the Visual Art curriculum. Such areas include drawing, painting, printing, collage, modelling, construction, and textile art. Students will have the opportunity to study different artists and their works, and analyse and compare different art pieces and styles as well as make observations and reflections about their world and the world around them. They are encouraged to share their ideas and learn from each other, extend their Arty ideas, persist with their Art work and take risks to turn mistakes into a creative moment.

Themes for Visual Art are often related to other areas of the curriculum such as Integrated topics that are being explored and covered in the classroom like ‘Sustainability’, and also might relate to important events that are happening throughout the calendar year such as Multicultural days or events and the school production. Throughout such themes, there will be a focus on learning about the different Art/Design Elements and Principles including colour, line, value, pattern, texture, form, shape, size, harmony, contrast and symmetry to name a few.

Each term a small group of students from various levels have the opportunity to participate as Art monitors or become members of our Art club if they wish. Sessions are run during lunch time, once a week and are often related to topics or themes covered in our Art lessons and allow students to further develop their skills and understanding in Art. All efforts are valued and Art work is displayed around the school. Every second year the school has an Art exhibition where every child has at least two pieces on display for parents and relatives to enjoy of an evening.