Foundation (Prep)


Information booklet

Absolutely everything you need to know about Foundation (prep) at Bayswater North Primary can be found in the attached PDF. Simply click to view this document.

Foundation Program


At Bayswater North our children are supported to learn in an environment where they are encouraged to achieve their personal best, are respected and included. Our curriculum is well rounded and caters to the needs of each child. It delivers a positive approach to learning, developing independence and confidence in its students.


Over the year our children develop the foundation skills necessary to become confident readers, writers, speakers and listeners. Through our literature rich program and targeted teaching our children expand their vocabulary and develop comprehension strategies necessary to become good readers. They gain a sound knowledge of phonics through the Letterland program and grow their sight vocabulary using the M100W – Most used 100 Words. Oral language is developed though many opportunities to speak and listen including: participating in community circles; partner sharing; ‘talk about boxes’; and a program designed by Speech Pathologists called Alien Talk. We value the support of parents as literacy learning partners, encouraging active participation both in the classroom and at home.


During the Foundation Year our children are engaged in many hands on mathematical experiences which enable them to connect number names and numerals with sets of up to 20 objects. They learn through song, manipulation of objects and experimentation. They place objects in order and learn the language of ordinal number. They explore pattern through various materials which is an essential foundation for understanding multiplication and algebra. Our children investigate informal measurement, comparing containers in the sandpit for capacity, stepping distances to measure length. They use the language of bigger, smaller, taller and wider. They learn about concepts of time, sequencing events, learn the days of the week and months of the year then match them to familiar events. They name sort and manipulate shapes, comparing two and three dimension shapes in their environment.


Our Integrated units encompass learning in Health, Science, History and Geography.

In term one our unit focusses on becoming a good learner, getting along with others and following our Tribes agreements. We also explore scientific changes through making jelly, orange icy-poles and popcorn.

In term two we explore our place in our family, neighbourhood and community. We take a walk around our school neighbourhood, mapping where we went. Our children interview someone in their family about their role in the community and prepare an oral presentation.

In term three our children investigate the concepts of living things. They find out about animal habitats, exploring at Healesville Sanctuary and create their own animal habitat box. They grow plants, investigating the need for sun, soil and water.

In term four we question what makes us happy and healthy. We plan a healthy menu, enjoy a shopping expedition to the Queen Victoria Market where we buy ingredients and explore sights, sounds and smells. We cook and eat our healthy produce the next day. We invigorate our bodies and minds learning to dance through a series of incursions called Footsteps.


Foundation A – Mrs Mary Holland

Foundation B – Mrs Darcie Sword