IMG_4053Selamat Datang Term 3, 2018

Sayembara Lisan- State-wide Indonesian Speaking Competition.

Congratulations to all of the students who entered the State-wide VILTA Indonesian Oral Competition – we had over seventy students enter which was a fantastic effort.

We had seven students who made it through as finalists to the Victorian State Finals. Congratulations to the following students:

Grade 2- Leila K, Zoe T

Grade 4- Grace M, Zoe M

Grade 6- Disha G, Angel J and Emily M


On Friday 22nd of June, I had the pleasure of attending the State Awards Ceremony at Melbourne University. We had two students receive awards:

Zoe M – Grade 4 received second place for her division in the state

Angel J – Grade 6 received a highly commended award for her division in the state.

It was an amazing achievement and the two students should be very proud of their results.

The main theme for the whole school this term is “makanan”- food. The students in the junior school will be learning new vocabulary through games and songs. Students in the middle school are focusing on stating preferences. The senior school will be practicing their bargaining skills and translating menus. Words to practise at home:

Makan – to eat, minum – to drink, buah-buahan – fruit, sayur-sayuran – vegetables, nasi – rice, roti- bread, keju – cheese, eskrim – ice-cream, susu – milk, air jeruk- orange juice

Saya lapar- I’m hungry

Saya haus- I’m thirsty

Kamu suka makan apa? – What do you like to eat?

Saya suka makan…..- I like to eat…

Saya tidak suka…- I do not like….

Berapa harganya? – How much is it?

Terlalu mahal! – too expensive!

Students can test out their knowledge and revise their vocabulary at the Indonesian section of Languages Online:

Section 34- Food

This term, I will be taking 20 Grade 5 students to Heathmont College for an Asian Day where we will be joining four other primary schools in our region. The students will participate in different workshops such as origami, mask making, martial arts and Indonesian dancing. The students will also take part in a skype session with Heathmont College’s sister school in Yogyakarta. We have a great partnership with Heathmont College and this is a wonderful opportunity to see a secondary school language program in action.

Terima kasih,

(Bu) Mary-Ellen Dowling