Senior (grades 5 & 6)


Welcome to the Senior School

Our aim in the senior school is to create a learning environment that gives every one of our students the ability to learn to their highest potential, capitalise on their personal qualities and unique talents whilst supporting and nurturing them in a stimulating and caring educational environment.

Every student is therefore encouraged to be ‘ready to learn’ at all times. We believe that it is vital for students in the senior school to become independent learners, take responsibility for the quality of their work and demonstrate their individual talents. The senior school fosters an environment where all children are encouraged to extend their learning through determination and effort.

The senior school has developed a Literacy program, consistent with Victorian Curriculum, designed to strengthen students’ skills in the three major areas of reading, writing and speaking/listening.

In Years 5 and 6 children participate in literacy circles where they analyse a range of texts. They participate in discussions and are encouraged to engage in critical thinking and reflection through reading, discussing and responding to literature.

Through the writing program students are encouraged to: explore the writing process; study and produce a variety of genres; develop their grammar; select specific vocabulary and use accurate spelling and punctuation as well as edit their work to provide structure and meaning. They are also provided opportunities to listen to, and offer advice on, other students’ writing.

A variety of speaking and listening skills are also developed as part of the English program. Presentations of projects, research and stories ensure students become more aware of the techniques required to orally deliver their views and ideas as well as contributing actively to class and group discussions, taking into account other perspectives. .


The three content strands: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability have been incorporated in the senior school mathematics program. The program has been designed to ensure that our students work towards the following standards:

Describe the properties of different sets of numbers, using fractions and decimals to describe probabilities, represent fractions and decimals in various ways and describe connections between them, and make reasonable estimations

Represent integers on a number line, calculate simple percentages, use brackets appropriately, convert between fractions and decimals, use operations with fractions, decimals and percentages, measure using metric units, and interpret timetables

Formulate and solve authentic problems using fractions, decimals, percentages and measurements; interpret secondary data displays, and find the size of unknown angles

Explain mental strategies for performing calculations, describe results for continuing number sequences, explain the transformation of one shape into another and explain why the actual results of chance experiments may differ from expected results

Students are also given the opportunity to participate in ability-based groups and develop their problem solving skills through activities and investigations.

Our Integrated Studies units of work continue to evolve to meet the curriculum guidelines outlined by the Victorian Curriculum. Topics involving Civics and Citizenship, Science, Information and Communications Technology, Geography, Economics and History are explored and integrated across the curriculum to enhance student engagement and learning. This year the senior students will also be learning about China as part of the new focus on Asian studies.


What’s happening in Term 3?

Welcome back everyone! We hope that you all had a fun and exciting holiday despite the icy conditions of the past week.

Firstly, welcome back to Ms Gray after spending first semester as acting Assistant Principal. Grade 5B will now have Ms Gray in the classroom Monday to Wednesday. Thursday to Friday Miss O’Halloran will be teaching 5B while Ms Gray fulfils her role as Maths Specialist. Mr Hannah will be swapping into grade 5A on Fridays.

A lot of careful planning has taken place for an exciting term 3. As is the norm we will continue to spend at least one hour each day studying mathematics. This term both the grade 5’s and 6’s will be doing a variety of topics in Number and Algebra (fractions, decimals, percentages, four processes, BODMAS), Measurement and Geometry (angles, area, perimeter, volume, tessellations, Cartesian planes) and Statistics and Probability (collecting, collating and analysing data as well as using various graphs to represent and interpret data). There are still some students that do not have an instant recall of their tables. Knowing tables and quick number facts is essential for students learning the more complicated and challenging mathematics in the senior school, as prescribed in the Victorian Curriculum. Please encourage your child to practice this important skill.

Literacy tasks such as Literacy Circles, reciprocal reading, spelling, grammar and oral presentations will continue throughout term 3. The grade 5’s will focus on writing procedures and information reports whereas the grade 6’s will be focussing on writing expositions and narratives. All students will be guided to write summaries that are a brief but comprehensive overview of texts. In order to do this they must understand what they have read and identify the main idea(s) of the text. Too many students are confusing a summary with a recount and continue to retell the whole text. Writing a connection will also be reviewed. A connection is not simply finding similarities; it is more about making connections between texts and their own experiences. Both of these strategies will be revised and practiced. The expectation that all senior students read for at least 20 minutes each night will continue. Again, to promote fluency and expressiveness we encourage students to read aloud a couple of times a week.

The grade 6’s Integrated Studies topic this term is The Australian Colonies. In this unit the students will study the development of Australia as a nation after Federation in 1900. Grade 5’s will be focusing on Science this term and will be studying three topics including The Solar System, Electricity and Animal Adaptations.


Tabloid activities are programmed for grade 5/6 sports on Friday afternoons. Students will be divided into teams. Everyone is expected to participate and be actively involved. Challenging activities are designed to promote teamwork, mastery of new skills while fostering a “can do” attitude for all involved. It’s going to be great!

Of the special events programmed this term the most exciting is the Performing Arts, Pirates of the Curry Bean on the 12th and 13th September at Karralyka Centre in Ringwood East. Twenty grade 5 students will be attending an Asian Day at Heathmont Secondary College on the 29th August.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the programs we offer at BNPS please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher for a chat.

Kind Regards,

The Grade 5/6 team


Grade 5A – Mrs Mahon

Grade 5A, Class of 2018

Grade 5B – Miss Liz O’Halloran

The quite fabulous Grade 5B!

Grade 6A – Miss Jasmine Cook


Grade 6A



6A Identity Boards

Students designed and created their own unique identity board. All identity boards contain information about their qualities, goals for 2018, hobbies, awards, family, dislikes and likes.

Stellar effort 6A

Grade 6B – Miss Katie Riley