The Arts: Visual


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”

Pablo Picasso

Visual Arts Term 1 overview 2018

In keeping with the integrated topics being studied in the classrooms, this term in Visual Arts is all about ‘Identity, Community and Cultural Diversity’ that is, looking inward at what makes us unique and who we are, looking at what a community is and how we can work together and celebrating our similarities and differences. To start the year off, all the students will be working on portraiture in some way, shape or form (pardon the pun) and will work on a collaborative mural. Drawing portraits each year is a great way to see the connections the students make and to see their skill development when drawing faces and people. Later in the term, students will have another opportunity to create a huge mural when they participate in an art activity for our multi-age cultural day as part of the Cultural Diversity week and Harmony Day celebrations.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the other students will be working on this term in Visual Art……

Prep students have got straight into exploring their ideas, observations and imaginations, and have been experimenting with different materials in the Art room. They have begun creating artwork about themselves, drawing things that they like as well as learning about collage by making a portrait and other art using different papers and practising their cutting skills. They will also be looking at line, pattern and experimenting with painting and colour mixing by creating an icy pole ‘quilt’.

Grade One and Two students will be developing their skills in portraiture and printing to create interesting artworks about themselves as well as looking at the concept of positive and negative space while exploring line, colour, shape and pattern further in their work. They will also try their hand at paper construction such as ‘origami’- the art of paper folding.

Grade Three and Four students will be focusing their attention on developing their skills in observation by again, working on portraits but with a twist. They will also begin to learn about textiles such as simple hand stitching by creating a mixed media ‘line rug’ from paper, pastels and scraps of wool.

Grade Five and Six students will be looking at some visual communication, in particular ‘type empathy’ and the impact that colours, fonts and the way letters are designed can convey a message, feeling or emotion. They will be using what they learn, to create an art piece with a word of their choice that describes themselves and will then design and decorate it in a way that appropriately reflects that word. They will also look at symbols of peace and decorate and construct a paper dove.

Coming up next term….. ‘Pirate inspired Art’. Students will look at how we can enhance our fantastic school production ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’ by creating interesting props, costumes and sets.