About BNPS

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Bayswater North Primary School and thank for considering our school as the right school for you and your child. At Bayswater North Primary School, we are passionate about ensuring that every one of our children reach their personal best so that they may achieve success in their future lives.

Bayswater North Primary School is situated in Melbourne’s leafy outer eastern suburbs. With a history approaching 100 years, our school is located in beautiful spacious landscaped surrounds. The children at Bayswater North Primary School enjoy two grassy ovals, a full-sized gym, basketball courts, hall and a variety of shaded playgrounds. We adjoin the Arrabri Community Centre and kindergarten.

At Bayswater North Primary School, we are dedicated to both the academic and personal growth of each and every student. We have around 270 students and 12 grades. Teaching teams plan and work together to deliver an extensive curriculum which engages each student in learning. Our teachers are supported by Education Support staff as teacher aides, I.C.T technicians and office administration.

As part of the Bayswater Education Plan we work cooperatively with neighbouring Government schools sharing innovative ideas in teaching and learning and professional development for our teachers. Our goal is to ensure students are engaged in their learning and connected to their peers, while enhancing the partnership of teachers, students and parents in the education of every child, every day.

Relationships are of utmost importance to us at Bayswater North Primary School, reflected in our motto of “Caring for Children – Working with Parents”. We encourage open communication between staff, children and parents as we believe that this is crucial to successful schooling and positive outcomes for children’s learning.

To cater for the everyday needs of our families, we offer OSH Club from 7 am to 8:45 am and 3:30 pm to 6 pm each school day.

We are very proud of our school. If you would like to see how we can make a difference for your child you are encouraged to contact us for a school visit. If you want to experience the difference, please join us at Bayswater North Primary School.

Mrs Catherine Jones


Our Values

The following core values reflect the beliefs that we hold about how children learn, how our school will operate and how we relate to one another in order to become effective citizens.

LEARNING: Developing skills and knowledge that will enable us to achieve our personal best and reach our full potential.

RESPECT: Caring about ourselves, the community and our environment.

RESPONSIBILITY: Being honest and accountable for our words and actions.

OPTIMISM: Having a positive outlook and utilising opportunities and experiences, being resilient.

INDIVIDUALITY: Accepting diversity, showing appreciation and encouraging creativity and innovation.

WELLBEING: Actively seeking and maintaining social, emotional and physical health.


The core business of schools is to educate young people towards becoming competent, resilient and successful members of society. In this aim to develop the whole person, schools provide members of their community with a variety of support services along with educational opportunities.

One distinctly unique and valuable contribution to the life of any school is through a chaplaincy program funded by the Commonwealth Government. School chaplains are involved in pastorally caring for the whole school community, providing a presence and building positive relationships with a variety of stakeholders including Eastern Access Community Health, Anglicare and Child First. In this way, a school chaplain becomes part of the fabric of the school community, pastorally caring for those in need, modelling positive relationships and implementing proactive programs. A chaplain also encourages involvement between the wider community and the school community as both groups work together towards positive outcomes for our young people.

Alan Silverwood is Bayswater North Primary School’s chaplain. He is at the school two days a week (Wednesday and Thursday), providing support to a wide range of students and their families. To speak with Alan, you can call the school to set up a time.

Student Wellbeing & Positive Education

At Bayswater North Primary School, we are totally committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of every member of our school community. Our codes of practice highlight the importance of student health and a curriculum that teaches social and cooperative learning strategies.  

At Bayswater North Primary School, we offer a suite of Wellbeing programs that focus on specific skills that assist students to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness, encourage a healthy lifestyle and support our students academically. These programs include Literacy Support, Numeracy Support, modified programs and student leadership initiatives.

Additionally, we have the support of a network Psychologist and Speech Therapist as well as a school chaplain.

Through teaching these valuable life skills, Bayswater North Primary School provides its students with an increased capacity to learn effectively, as well as offering them a strong foundation on which they can build a successful life.