Bayswater North Primary School

Welcome to Bayswater North Primary School’s website. We trust that you will find this site useful and informative. It is a window into our school and will give you access to various school documents as well as provide information about what is happening around our school. It will allow you to see examples of some of our children’s work and provides you with a direct e-mail link to our school.

Latest News

Carpenters, Engineers, Builders

Hammering, sawing,'s all happening in the yard at recess and lunch. All manner of interesting things are being constructed under the watchful eye of Forewoman, Mrs Mahon.

Aussie Kids Rock

Our students rocked it out with our two special guests this week from the Aussie Kids Rock Show!  We were taken on a musical adventure with music from around Europe with both traditional and non traditional instruments. 

Laughter IS the Best Medicine

Camp Quality helps change the cancer story for kids and their families: in hospital, at home, at school, and away from it all. Showcasing Puppet Power, Camp Quality explained to our students the impact of cancer on both children and adults. It was fabulous to see our...